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Meet Dr. MiKayla Robertson

Discovering Her Passion

Dr. MiKayla Robertson grew up in Elk City, and she always knew she wanted to help people in some way, but she wasn’t sure exactly how. She received her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and worked as an assistant in a physical therapist’s office.

She and her husband, Dr. Brooks, moved to Dallas so he could attend Parker Chiropractic College. As an athlete, Dr. MiKayla had received chiropractic care a few times, but it wasn’t until Dr. Brooks began his education that she developed an interest in chiropractic. She enrolled at Parker as well, and there her interest became a true passion.

Focusing on Care for Women and Kids

While attending Parker, Dr. MiKayla was fascinated by how effective chiropractic care could be for pregnant women and children. She has pursued advanced training in these areas, including Webster Certification for pregnancy. She is also a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Dr. MiKayla knew from growing up here that there are not many options for natural healthcare in Western Oklahoma, so she was determined to bring her specialized care back to her hometown to serve the community that she has always loved.

Because family is so important to Dr. MiKayla, she knew she wanted a practice that feels like family. At The Chiropractic Co., we strive to create a sense of community so that our patients know they aren’t alone in their healthcare journey, and where people can celebrate each other’s successes.

Spare Time

Spare time is something Dr. MiKayla doesn’t have a lot of these days! But when she does have time to relax, she loves playing golf with Dr. Brooks. She also enjoys working out at the gym, being outdoors and spending time with lifelong friends and family in the area.

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